Roadrunner for a Day

Roadrunner for a Day
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The Institute for P-20 Initiatives conducts Roadrunner for a Day, UTSA campus tours for elementary and middle school students. 

The Roadrunner for a Day program provides elementary and middle school students with an opportunity to tour the UTSA Campus, talk to college students, and learn about the importance of higher education. The P-20 Institute Roadrunner for a Day program aims to inspire, engage, and assist the participating students in their pursuit of higher education goals. 

Roadrunner for a Day lasts approximately two hours. UTSA Main Campus Roadrunner for a Day consists of a campus tour, P-20 Institute presentation, and UTSA student/alumni panel. The Spring 2018 UTSA Downtown Campus Roadrunner for a Day consists of a P-20 Institute presentation, scavenger hunt, and an interactive career match and exploration activity through the ‘ Discover You Quiz’ at the UTSA Downtown Campus computer lab on select Tuesdays.

Register for Roadrunner for a Day

Roadrunner for a Day is not available in May due to limited student, staff, and facilities availability in the summer. The last day of Spring classes for UTSA is April 27th. All tours are prohibited during UTSA final exams April 30-May 8th. Teacher Led / Self-guided tours are permitted after May 8th, but will be offered on a limited basis, due to dining options and university operations limited summer hours. Summer tours will begin in June.

Roadrunner for a Day and Campus Tour Availability

  • Please continue to check this Roadrunner for a Day program page for updates, review the frequently asked questions (PDF), or contact P-20 Senior Program Coordinator, Lara Crouch, if you have additional questions.
  • If an elementary or a middle school is unable to reserve a Roadrunner for a Day, please feel free to experience UTSA through a Teacher Led / Self-Guided Tour of UTSA Main Campus. Please review and submit the Teacher Led/ Self-Guided Tour Request to P-20 Senior Program Coordinator, Lara Crouch. Self-guided tours are offered during the week at 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM, and 2:00 PM. One group per time slot is allowed. Groups larger than 150 must split the group and stagger arrival times for self-guided tours. Please register self-guided tours to ensure the safety of the students and campus.
  • Roadrunner for a Day and Teacher Led/ Self-Guided Tours are not permitted during UTSA final exams, after UTSA classes end each semester, during holidays, or large campus events. The Fall 2017 last day of class is Dec. 5th, 2017. Fall final exams will be Dec. 7th - Dec. 15th, 2017. The Spring last day of class is April 29th, 2018. Spring final exams will be May 2nd - May 8th, 2018. 
  • Roadrunner for a Day and Teacher Led/ Self-Guided Tours are not available until two weeks after UTSA classes begin each semester.
  • High school students and groups can request tours through the UTSA Admissions' Welcome Center.