Roadrunner for a Day

Roadrunner for a Day
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The Institute for P-20 Initiatives conducts Roadrunner for a Day, UTSA campus tours for elementary and middle school students. 

This program provides elementary and middle school students with an opportunity to tour the UTSA Campus, talk to college students, and learn about the importance of higher education. Through the Roadrunner for a Day program, the P-20 Institute aims to inspire, engage, and assist the participating students in their pursuit of higher education goals. 

  • Summer Roadrunner for a Day tours from June 27th - July 28th can be requested by contacting P-20 Senior Program Coordinator, Lara Crouch.
  • Fall 2017 tours will be available to reserve Sept. 11, 2017.

 For additional information about the P-20 Institute Roadrunner for a Day program, please see the FAQ.

  • If an elementary or a middle school is unable to join us during our scheduled Roadrunner for a Day time, please feel free to experience UTSA through a Self-Guided Tour. Self-guided tours are discouraged during UTSA final exams, May 1st- May 12th. A photo hunt and parking information can be requested from P-20 Senior Program Coordinator, Lara Crouch.  
  • High school students can request tours through the UTSA Admissions' Welcome Center