Roadrunner for a Day

Roadrunner for a Day
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The Institute for P-20 Initiatives conducts Roadrunner for a Day, UTSA campus tours for elementary and middle school students. 

The Roadrunner for a Day program provides elementary and middle school students with an opportunity to tour the UTSA Campus, talk to college students, and learn about the importance of higher education. The P-20 Institute Roadrunner for a Day program aims to inspire, engage, and assist the participating students in their pursuit of higher education goals. 

Roadrunner for a Day lasts approximately two hours. The UTSA 1604 Campus Roadrunner for a Day consists of a campus tour, P-20 Institute presentation, and UTSA student/alumni panel.The UTSA Downtown Campus Roadrunner for a Day consists of a P-20 Institute presentation, scavenger hunt, and an interactive career match and exploration activity through the Discover You Quiz.

Register for Roadrunner for a Day

Please register for an available date and time through the Eventbrite link.

  • Summer Roadrunner for a Day for 50 students from 10 AM – 12 PM or 1 – 3PM at the UTSA 1604 Campus.

  • Teacher Led/ Self-Guided Tours

    If an elementary or a middle school is unable to reserve a Roadrunner for a Day, please feel free to experience UTSA through a Teacher Led / Self-Guided Tour of the UTSA 1604 Campus. Teacher Led / Self- Guided Tour Reservations are available for groups to complete a tour of campus on their own. 

    • Self-guided tours are offered during the week at 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM, and 2:00 PM. One group per time slot is allowed. 
    • Groups larger than 150 must split the group and stagger arrival times for self-guided tours. 
    • Registration for self-guided tours is required to ensure the safety of the students and campus.

    Roadrunner for a Day and Campus Tour Availability

    • Please continue to check this Roadrunner for a Day program page for updates, review the frequently asked questions (PDF), or contact P-20 Initiatives if you have additional questions.
    • Roadrunner for a Day and Teacher Led/ Self-Guided Tours are not permitted during UTSA final exams, during holidays, or large campus events.
    • Roadrunner for a Day and Teacher Led/ Self-Guided Tours are not available until two weeks after UTSA classes begin each semester.
    • High school students and groups can request tours through the UTSA Admissions' Welcome Center.