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College Career Readiness

Transfer Academy for Tomorrow’s Engineers (TATE)

The UTSA College of Engineering has formed a collaborative partnership with the Alamo Colleges predicated on intervention strategies designed to increase the academic success of first-generation students who have been traditionally underserved. Both institutions have implemented a variety of program initiatives over the past decade to address the decline of engineering-oriented majors between their respective student populations; however, there is still significant work to be done to cultivate a highly skilled workforce of engineers. Both institutions are committed to preparing students by creating paths of study that provide a seamless transition from Alamo Colleges to the College of Engineering at UTSA. They acknowledge the fact that this partnership represents an unprecedented opportunity for a select cohort of transfer students and will require ongoing collaboration.


Under the direction of the UTSA Office of P-20 Initiatives, the TATE program will provide a cohort of 25 eligible students access to a clearly defined pathway bridging their academic work at Alamo Colleges and at UTSA. 

Three Goals:

  • Form a collaborative partnership between UTSA College of Engineering and Alamo Colleges to increase the number of first-generation students who pursue an engineering major.
  • Address Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships as they pertain to engineering education at UTSA.
  • Recruit, educate, and graduate more first-generation engineering majors. 

2012-2013 TATE Cohort

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UTSA Ready


UTSA Ready is an early assessment and academic preparation program that is conducted in collaboration with local school districts. The goal of this unprecedented partnership is to ensure that high school students have the English and mathematics college readiness skills required by UTSA.

The assessment and academic preparation provided under this program allows teachers, parents, and UTSA to know exactly how well a cohort of students are prepared for college-level work.  The students are given a diagnostic assessment and are assigned an instructor who assists them with their individual learning paths and is responsible for identifying any additional tutoring needs. The students are able to participate in Saturday Academic Enrichment Seminars (SAES) that are designed to improve their college readiness skills in either mathematics or English. Additionally, eligible students will be provided the option to take a credit by exam for College Algebra courses offered at UTSA. 

The mission of UTSA Ready is to have the students prepared to enroll in credit-bearing courses and not spend time and money on remedial work.

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The Geneva School of Boerne Dual Credit Scholars Program

The Office of P-20 Initiatives has facilitated a partnership between UTSA and the Geneva School of Boerne to provide high school seniors with an opportunity to earn 6 hours of college credit. High school students meeting the competitive criteria benefit from rigorous coursework in Writing, English, and from receiving a full college experience.