Academy for Parent Leadership Celebrates Another Graduation

On Saturday, June 01, 2019 the University of Texas at San Antonio’s (UTSA) Parent Engagement Program hosted the Academy for Parent Leadership graduation and luncheon at the Education Service Center, Region 20.  


The Academy for Parent Leadership provides four weekends of seminars to help parents develop an understanding of the greater community and how it impacts their children’s schools. Each lesson focuses on a particular topic such as leadership development, academic success planning or financial literacy to establish skills that will assist them in being successful community leaders.  


This year’s parents concluded their program by discussing common family sayings and creating a family phrase that their students could take with them through life and its obstacles.  Parents also shared some of their children’s achievements and how proud they were of them. After much thought, parents produced hand written letters of appreciation to their child. Letters were read individually by parents to child before the graduation ceremony.  The reading of these heartfelt letters left their children feeling recognized and supported.  


This year the UTSA’s Parent Engagement Program featured a UTSA Alumni, Diana Contreras Garcez, as a guest speaker. Growing up as a migrant farm worker, Diana was determined to go to college and move forward in her life and education. She graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems and now has provided over nineteen years of instruction at San Antonio College. She continuously promoted higher education and by doing so created a college bound atmosphere for her four children.  Today, two of her children hold bachelor’s degrees, one is a year away from completing his Master’s degree and her second oldest holds a Master’s in Special Education. All four children are currently serving their local communities.  


The Academy for Parent Leadership is one of many offered through the UTSA Parent Engagement Programs. All Parent Engagement programming is designed to increase the academic success of individuals who might not otherwise have access to postsecondary educational opportunities. In particular the Institute aims to support first generation college students and families. For more information, visit P20.UTSA. 

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